Blind Dog and His Guide Dog Adopted Together

Almost more exciting is the fact that one particular set, that has been abandoned together in Salem about monthly ago, has found a fresh forever home that may allow the blind dog and his caretaker canine to remain together. Forever.Sonya Pulvers with Marion County Dog Services explains that a little higher than a month ago someone dumped three dachshunds on the fence of an area gentleman who formerly rescued doxies, as the little dogs are sometimes called.The person no longer rescues the dogs, known to be long of body, short of leg and droopy of ears, but he did know to take them to the Marion County Dog Services shelter.The county shelter knew immediately to contact Diane Young at Salem Dogs, an area dog rescue known to be heavy on love and affection that the county most likely is wearing speed dial.The rescue director responded promptly, taking in both of the dogs, who Young thinks are possibly related. One black male, she said, was healthy and passed temperament tests quickly and easily. He was put up for adoption at the shelter and quickly snatched up.The other two, who veterinarians at the Willamette Valley Animal Hospital estimate are between the ages of 4 and 5, required a little more care. Hilda, a long-haired, black-dappled female, was obviously linked to Herbie, a light-brown, smooth-coated brown doxie who had vision problems.

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Games to Play with a Blind Dog

Balls: Some people say their dogs used to be enthusiastic about chasing balls until they went blind, then lost interest. Some experienced success with balls that jingle because they roll or make some type of noise because it's easier for canine to check out the ball. Rubber balls with bells: Sturdy toys like the Kong brand are good for larger blind dogs. Smaller dogs can use other brands. You do not want a doll small enough he obtain it stuck. You may try rubbing some smelly treat on the not in the ball and letting canine sniff/lick. You may say the phrase “Ball” and immediately present the ball before the dog's nose for a great sniff/lick. Praise any interaction. Clicker training works especially well with blind dogs if you know how to coach that way. Place the ball closer to ground, then on ground, you can add only a little controlled movement (possibly just holding the ball on the floor and moving it an inch at first). Progress is at whatever rate is successful for your dog. Progress to rolling the ball to have the longest tracking time. You might be able to throw the ball in time. Just like all toys for blind dogs, it can be useful to add a drop or two (at most) of an essential oil to greatly help canine track the toy along with his nose or use balls with bells inside..The Touch Game Happily say, "Gonna Touch Ya Toes/Face/Leg/Hip/Tail (pick one)" and gently touch that body part. Immediately after touching offer a great little treat. Do it again and again. Goal is to provide canine a verbal cue that it is about to be touched and where. This is not just a game, but a great de-sensitization exercise. Gradually lengthen the time of the contact and allow it to be more and more firm. Bear in mind the way a vet touches and handles during an exam and the way people pat your dog - that's your goal!. You need canine to savor this game. Progress at whatever rate your dog is relaxed and happy. In the exact same way, you can even teach your dog to happily accept mouth exams, ear exams, nail clips, ear cleaning, and restraint (ask the vet tech to exhibit you the restraint holds they choose to help you train to that). All considerations to learn, even for a blind dog.Pick me up: Similar to the touch game – this teaches canine it is about to be lifted up. A more substantial dog may be lifted by the leading legs and then back legs. Pick a fun word and use that as your que. Be careful you lift canine in a way that supports them and lets them feel secure - you don't wish to scare them and it's important each goes down gently. The Shell Game: There are numerous versions of the but basically it's where you take three empty plastic cups, let canine sniff them and get acquainted with them. Then place canine in a ‘sit/stay'(at first, you might have to greatly help canine stay still, but it is really a nice way to greatly help your dog strengthen the ‘stay'behavior and teach self control) then put a delicacy under one of many cups. If he chooses the proper cup he gets it. Next put a delicacy under a pot and move them around and see if he can tell what type gets the treat.

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